About Us

    Aerial Boards started off as an American company, founded in Fort Myers, Florida in 2007 . We started off handmaking performance boards and selling them locally to friends and anyone who was interested in something different. Nearby Fort Myers Beach was our primary market due to the significant longboard community. After making various board designs and mostly custom boards for each customer we launched our first official product , the aerial classic which is pictured below. Our aerial classic has been by far the most successful product and the first light on our brand image. We have slowly built up our product line to where we are now. The aerial classic was first but riders demanded a board for different purposes this lead to the aerial crave and aerial free which are multi purpose boards for cruising, carving, and even free riding. Throughout the years we are always changing up parts and our line up to see what works and performs best.  Two years ago In 2012 we went online and started focusing more on e-commerce to reach the whole country , we are still working in the Fort Myers area but we are making efforts to hit the whole country. As of today we offer five different longboards; the aerial classic, aerial crave, aerial free, aerial alpha, aerial petite all of which are designed and made in the U.S.A.