Quotes Fast fast board that what I needed. I put some ceramic bearings in to get even more speed although the abec 7s that came with it did the job. Downhill its stable which is great. Been about six months same as day one. The board has a touch of bounce like shocks but not to much to through the balance off. I like the clear grip tape everything is blacked out on top now a days. Abec 11 wheels can't complain and the randal trucks have always been one of my tops but it all depends on the person. Everything that is on it is stock expect for the bearings and the stock stuff is some of the best stuff you can get out their, especially in this price range not bad . Happy Customer Quotes
Sean Zitsch

Quotes The aerial petite was just what I needed a simple and affordable board to get around. The board rides nice for being small, however it doesn't seem to small as in dangerously small. The design is neutral and fits me since I am a girl. I have had it for about 2 months now. I haven't had a problem I just had to make some adjustments since I'm so light, but its all simple. Thanks see ya ! Quotes

Quotes Sweet longboard, I got the first model the aerial classic. It is a classic it is a chill board that carves amazing and I use to cruise and get to class. The board is worth what I have paid no complaints. Quotes