Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of longboard should I buy ? It all depends on what your looking to use your board for. We have longboards optimized for specific purposes, however this doesn't mean you can't use your longboard for all different stuff. If you are a beginner you are gonna want to choose a cruiser or carving board rather than a downhill board. If you have experience you will most likely go with a downhill board for serious speed or a free ride for slides. Our longboards are not limited they can always be adjusted and customize to serve almost any function. We have a guide below of the category our boards are most likely used for. 

Aerial Classic = Freeride, Carving, Cruising 

Aerial Crave = Carving, Cruising

Aerial Free = Carving, Cruising

Aerial Alpha = Downhill, Freeride

Aerial Petite = Cruising, College campus board 

What are your longboards made of ? All of our longboards are made from 100 % maple wood. Some longboard companies are combining wood with synthetic materials like fiberglass and plastic, claiming of added performance. We can not endorse anything like this as the processes to make these boards and fiberglass in particular is dangerously harmful for the environment.  

What if I am heavy rider ? Not a problem , the strength of our longboards is measured in ply's or the number of sheets of wood to make the board. If you decide to purchase a board from us you have the option of selecting a thicker ply so the performance nor your safety is compromised. 

Where are you longboards made ? All of our boards are made in California. 

Is my personal and credit card information secure ? With all the hacking going around these days we have taken extra measures to ensure your personal and credit card information is secure. We have partnered with one of the most trusted processing companies, PayPal handles all of our security and payment processing. When your on are checkout page you"ll notice the start of the domain name change from http:// to https:// the s means the transaction is secure. With PayPal all of your information is protected by SSL or secure socket layer with an encryption key of 168 bits- the highest level commercially available.

Do you guys offer any financing or payment plans ?     Yes, while you are in our checkout system click pay with PayPal. You will then be prompted to sign in to your PayPal account, create an account, or pay as a  guest ( credit or debit cards). Sign into your account or create one and select PayPal credit. PayPal credit is an amazing offer which offers interest free financing for up to six months. 

What payment options do you offer ?  We accept PayPal  and all major credit cards including AMEX, Visa, Discover, MasterCard. We also accept checks, emails us for details if you want to pay via check. 

How long does an order take to ship ? For the continental U.S.A 48 States : Typically your order will ship and arrive at your door in a one week or 7 business days. Due to high demand we sometimes run out of stock, if this is the case we will email you. Items that are not in stock typically require 2 additional weeks for shipment. Email us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Do you guys offer a warranty ? Yes, unlike most longboard companies who just offer a deck warranty we over a full comprehensive warranty. This warranty is valid for 6 months (180 days) after your board arrives. The warranty covers any defects in all the components and the deck. Including the deck, grip tape, bearings, bolts, trucks, and wheels. This warranty does not cover any paint damage, nose or rear end damage to the deck , deck breakage due to improper feet position after a trick/ jump, wood chips, or slow or rusty bearings due to lack of cleaning. The warranty covers defects not parts that were not maintained or normal wear and tear. To request warranty coverage just email us and let us know what's going on along with a few photos.